Life seemed to be moving at a happy, gentle pace when suddenly tragedy struck and our family was ripped apart. In the beautiful North Island of New Zealand,  a horrific road accident claimed the lives of my sister, her husband and their two small children.


Only four years later and 250 km apart, an identical accident claimed the lives of my mum and dad.


It was at that traumatic, raw time of my life, that my heart was shattered into a million pieces creating a huge opening in my being and allowing a course of miracles to reveal a deeper side of our existence. Time seemed to stop and I was able to spontaneously enter another dimension and explore universal truths that transcend all religions.

Left with millions of questions to be answered, I ventured on my road of self-discovery for the following twenty years. 


Although this path originated from tragedy, the results have been full of love and amazing experiences, eventuating in magnificent pearls of wisdom.


An illness, a divorce or an accident can strip us away from our dear ones, this book is a gentle invitation to move from the stark darkness of separation into the love of self and others, into our lights.