Extraordinary Things Happening
Ordinary People
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FINALIST  in 2019 Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards -

Unpublished Manuscript   


Life seemed to be moving at a happy, gentle pace when suddenly tragedy struck and our family was ripped apart. In the beautiful North Island of New Zealand,  a horrific road accident claimed the lives of my sister, her husband and their two small children.

ABOUT the book




PART 3 - Allowing life through

The double blessing

No Goodbyes

The walk on the beach

A note from the author


...a truck,

      a car...






9 lives lost!


 underneath it all

 discover that 



You Are Loved!

PART 1 - The week of miracles and the gifts

we grow from

The last coffee with mum

My father’s blessing

The voice that had one question

Experiencing the darkness - under the truck

Experiencing the light - a parallel universe

The blanket of love


PART 2 - The 20 years search

The waterfall of questions

On the verge of madness

Lotto versus accidents

Tears of gratitude

A tragedy or a gift

Animals have feelings too

Only one in the room

Love has no boundaries

The enlightened entity

Born through art


About me 

Originally shaped by a strong scientific background in Mechanical Engineering , it has taken me more than 20 years to build up the courage to express the miracles, the inexplicable phenomena  that I experienced throughout my life. 


Where can I get the book?

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